About Cybertruss

Cybertruss is a software company whose major aim is to use hitech to make doing business extremely easy. The company is currently located at Anambra State, Nigeria and is duly registered with the CAC registeration number BN 3243413. Cybertruss has helped a lot of individuals and corporate bodies live their dreams. Cybertruss build applications for web, mobile and desktop device that talks to one another. The followings are the types of solutions we can create for you:

  1. FinTech Applications
  2. E Commerce Solution
  3. Crypto Currency
  4. Web Server Administration
  5. Responsive Web Design
  6. Native Mobile Apps
  7. Portable Java Desktop Application
  8. Programmable Electronic Board (Arduino, raspberry Pi)
  9. Customized programmable embeaded system (ATMEL, etc)