Case study:PHS BioTechs

PHS BioTechs

Case Study Details

  • Client Name:PHS Biotechs
  • Location:Lagos, Nigeria
  • Year Completed:2020
  • Project Type:Web Development

About PHS Biotechs

PHS Biotechs metamorphosed from Perfect Home Solutions. It started business in 2020 as a one man business in real estate agency. With a lot of Project Management and Business Development training in the background the business is borne out of interest to provide solution to home challenges, especially waste management. The need for human waste management applies to all kinds of home structures therefore, the need for a sustainable management. Under heavy research, we realized the invention of Biological Technology will solve a lot of problems without depending on social amenities. Today, we are a leading company in Nigeria providing solutions to all real estate challenges.


The business owner wishes to have a website that users would be able to reach him via his business Whatsapp numbers only. He does not want any form of payment and special back-end. He just wants a simple web site


We built the website to the specification of the business owner. Customers from his website can get connected to him via WhatsApp when they click on the link on his page